What COVID benefits are currently available?


To help you sort out the multitude of government programs that started and ended in the last couple of years, we have outlined them here.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit CERB: You may remember this benefit. It came out in March of 2020 to help those who couldn’t work due to lockdowns. This benefit is now closed.

Canada Recovery Benefit CRB: This benefit took over where CERB left off at the end of 2020 to replace salaries lost due to reduced hours from lockdowns. This benefit was closed in December 2021.

 A few specialized benefits were also launched. These focused on more individual circumstances.

Canada Emergency Student Benefit CESB: This benefit was to help post-secondary or recently graduated post-secondary students who could not find work due to Covid-19. This benefit ran through the summer of 2020 but was then closed.

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit CRCB: This was designed for those who had to take time off work to stay home with children or a sick family member. This benefit can still be applied until May 7, 2022.

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit CRSB: Just like it sounds, this benefit is to replace your income for weeks where you were sick or self-isolating due to Covid-19. You can apply for CRSB until May 7, 2022.

Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit CWLB: This benefit is available to help replace your salary in cases where a provincial lockdown has prevented you from going to work. This is available to employees and self-employed individuals. It is open until May 7, 2022.

Please see COVID-19 benefits and services – Canada.ca for more information.


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