Your Financial Team.

We are dedicated to offering a collaborative, comprehensive approach to your finances. We strive to be a guide and friend on your journey and provide practical advice, an empathetic ear, and encouragement along the way. 

Meet Victoria Rempel.

I am a Wealth Advisor at iA Private Wealth, holding the Chartered Investment Manager® designation. My primary aim is to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your money. Whether planning for retirement, saving for education or building wealth, we can create a plan to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Beyond advising, I am passionate about fostering future finance leaders. My involvement extends to mentoring university students nationwide and planning educational events with Women in Capital Markets. 

This devotion to my clients and the finance community was recognized in 2022 with the Wealth Professional's Rising Star Award and a nomination for the Nour Private Wealth Award for Rising Star Advisor of the Year. Your financial serenity and assurance are at the forefront of my priorities. I eagerly anticipate the chance to collaborate with you and contribute to your journey towards financial success. 

T: 204-392-0511
E: [email protected]

Meet Olivia Penner.

I am an Associate Investment Advisor at iA Private Wealth. My priority is adding ease to managing your finances. I aim to make your decisions as stress-free as possible and ensure your instructions are carried out with promptness. I want to help you understand all the steps along the way and soothe your mind by worrying about the details. 

I am an experienced tax preparer and hope to lend a “that was easy” feeling to tax time. I hold a Life and Accident & Sickness Insurance license and am happy to lend that knowledge to rounding out your financial picture. 

It is also my absolute pleasure to be a writer for our office. I craft our quarterly and weekly newsletters as well as the content on our website. My goal is to take the sometimes complex and overwhelming ideas of finance and make them easy to understand and applicable to everyday life. 

I look forward to connecting with you and lending a hand in creating an effective and relaxed financial life. 

T: 204-326-9333
E: [email protected]

Our Values & Practices

Together, our journey will be guided by three core values:

Patience. Embracing the understanding that great achievements often take time.
Discipline. Acknowledging that while outcomes are beyond our control, our actions are not.
Faith in the Future. Steadfastly believing that tomorrow holds more promise than today.

In alignment with these values, our investment practices are centered on:

Diversification. Avoiding large, concentrated bets to reduce risk.
Asset Allocation. Distinguishing between short-term and long-term savings.
Rebalancing. Harvesting gains from successful investments to invest in potential future growth opportunities.

Let’s work together.

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